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Fine Art Wedding Photography Business’

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I’ve been asked countless times by wedding photographers across all different corners of the globe how I run a successful fine art wedding photography business and I now I have all the information here in one place! 

I wanted to create something of real value to the wedding photography community so I have poured my heart and soul into creating this Guide to make it as valuable as possible. 

My fine art wedding photography business took of very quickly for me with a brand that has become well known and is regularly featured in bridal editorial all over the world including Brides Magazine, Style Me Pretty, Wedding Magazine, Wedding Sparrow, 100 Layer Cake, Wedding Chicks, Once Wed, Hochzeitsguide, Martha Stewart and many more.

I believe it’s because of the things I did differently, the things I have outlined in this open and honest 125 page pdf Guide. 



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Sarah Carpenter, USA

“Oh my goodness! It was so helpful, and I’ve been able to make considerable changes to the way I run my business. Thank you!”

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In ‘The Fine Art of Wedding Photography – A Guide to Running a Successful Fine Art Wedding Photography Business’ I share all my tips, tricks and business advice that I believe will help you and set you on your way to running a successful, PROFITABLE fine art wedding photography business.

We cover lots of ground including:

* Finding your Voice in a Crowded Market,

* How to Attract the Right Clients for You

* How to Create Your Portfolio

* Pricing

* Getting the Balance Right

* The Art of Direction, Lighting and Composition

* Workflow and Kit

* and much much more… !


How to run a successful wedding photography business book

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Britt Spring, Australia 

 “The images alone in this guide are inspiring! Holly explains step by step how she achieves consistently romantic and moving images.

I wish I had this guide 6 years ago, it would have saved me a lot of time! Thank you Holly for being so open and honest.”

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It’s often hard to find the balance between being an artist and being a business owner who provides a wonderful service that makes a profit.

I explain how the two can go hand in hand without becoming overwhelmed by your business.

Many photographers have got in touch with me who love the fine art style but I have found the most common problem they have is how they can incorporate this approach into their own work, especially during the faced paced whirlwind of a REAL wedding day.

For this reason, I have carefully broken down exactly how I approach a real wedding including the advice I give to brides before the wedding day and how I approach the flow of a wedding day so I can create art for my clients whilst remaining calm and unobtrusive. I explain my approach to shooting both film and digital and advice on how to create beautiful, romantic portraits that are carefully styled, yet beautifully natural.

the fine art approachI wanted to make this guide visually appealing and inspiring, but it has been more important to me to actually create something of real value and a big asset to the business owner of a fine art wedding photographer. I believe it’s all about working to live and not living to work and there are ways of making your business profitable, successful and one that works for you! I feel there are many misconceptions out there about quick success with not much work and whether you can only shoot on film to have a fine art style and I want to address them. For your business to become successful it requires a lot of hard work. However, I feel many photographers ARE already working hard! The key is to realising how to hone and focus everything together to actually becoming productive in your time and business. 

This Guide provides my in-camera settings for many of my images, and how I create the light, soft luminous images my work is known for, but also something I feel is far more important; genuine and honest advice on how to run a successful fine art photography business! 

How to shoot a with a fine art style


Many photographers struggle with how to market their work and get their images published and in this Guide, Sara Russell, founder of Wedding Sparrow kindly provides invaluable advice to all photographers on how to make their submissions successful! 

With invaluable advice from




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fine art book review

Alex Miller, UK

A superb and informative guide to anyone looking to improve their photography business, whether they shoot in a fine art style or otherwise.

I’ve seen Holly’s business really flourish over the last few years and this guide is full of her tried and tested techniques.

There’s loads of sound, sensible and realistic advice throughout and it has to be an incredibly useful resource for anyone shooting weddings.

If you want to enjoy your work, attract the right couples and have a really successful business that you can enjoy, this guide is definitely for you!”

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We will also cover the importance of branding your business and delve deep into what it means and how to approach it with a fine art sensibility. 

This Guide is designed to help you avoid common mistakes that may photographers fall into and has been designed for photographers who love the fine art approach and want to incorporate it into their own work, through their approach on the day, their interactions and posing of their clients and their branding and marketing.

It has been written for both film and digital photographers, for those who are looking to take their business to the next level and learn how run a successful Fine Art Wedding Photography Business!

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M O R E   L O V E L Y   W O R D S

“Gorgeous! I love your ethos and your thought process is helpful to stylists like me and not just photographers, thank you”

– Nina Marika

“Beautifully written and a fabulous read. Beautiful images and gorgeous warmth. Both in the words and the images!!”

– Katie Julia Photography

“Wonderful and packed full of insights”

– Chosen Wedding

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