Fine Art Wedding Photography is very different to most wedding photography.

Our Fine Art Wedding photography is often noted for its softness and beautiful light but in particular it’s warm, bright, pastel COLOUR PALETTE .

Our photographs are authentic, romantic and considered. It’ s not a case of taking thousands of photographs and hoping for the best, but making sure each frame is worth taking.

When we got married, we were desperate to find a wedding photographer who created FRESH, LUMINOUS and ROMANTIC photography and hoped that despite getting married in the rainy UK(!) we would be able to find this.

It’s how we came about developing our own style.

We love to artistically combine elements of nature, beautifully honest, raw emotion and our knowledge of light and colour to create a cohesive collection of magazine worthy images that will only increase in value over time. Our work is often described as LIGHT, HAPPY, PRETTY, FEMININE and WHIMSICAL. We are very proud of this as this is what we feel weddings are all about!